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Without Warning"


Janet's Published Article:

"Relating With In-Laws
After A Spouses Death"

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Widowed to Widowed in Tucson, Arizona
Janet was Editor of newletter, 1995


Janet defines her

T .... testing denial
E .... exploding with anger
A .... accepting loss and letting go
R .... returning to the new "normal"
S .... stepping into the future


Janet's self-published BOOK:

Keeping a journal, Janet's story includes their wild west wedding, freaky fatal accident and unorthodox funeral -
More topics: return of his beloved spirit, coping with grief after sudden death, legal battles over accident liability and life insurance, dating to find a father for her children and more...


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[ 1998 self published ]

kindle $5.44

Contact Janet for out-of-print book,
[1st edition] original copy, $30



Real Home Movie: Chapter 1:
Can a Wedding Predict a Funeral?

1987-Wild West Wedding

In Tombstone, Arizona, in a wild west wedding, saloon girl Janet and cowboy Dave stood on the hanging gallows and chuckles, " little life."

Real Home Movie: Chapter 4:
Can a Campsite be a Tribute?

1993-Campsite FUNERAL

In Tucson, Arizona, Janet creates an unorthodox funeral. In a tent, Dave lays inside a sleeping bag as family says farewell.



Janet's recommended BOOKS:
Huge selection at

  • [ 1997 ] ... "Hello From Heaven"
    ... by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
    Research on after death communication
    confirms that love and life are eternal

  • [ 1993, 2002 ] ... "Embraced By the Light"
    ... by Betty J Eadie
    Her Near Death Experience

  • [ 1992 ] ... "The Grieving Child"
    ... by Helen Fitzgerald
    Parents Guide for youngsters to understand death


Janet recommends MOVIES :

Find movie information at Internet Movie Data Base

Watch movie clips at

  • [ 1993 ] "The Piano"
    Young Widow's passion for music leads her to find love
    and a home for her child.

  • [ 1993 ] "Lion King"
    After death of his father, a young lion deals with his grief.

  • [ 1994 ] Corrina, Corrina"
    Young girl's hardship with her mother's death,
    brings a widower to fall for the caretaker.

  • [ 2000 ] "Return to Me"
    Widower falls in love with his wife's heart organ recipiant.

  • [ 2007 ] "P. S. I love you"
    Letters mailed to a young widow, before her husband's
    terminal illness, helps her move forward.

  • [ 1998 ] "What Dreams May Come"
    Man (Robin Williams) dies and journeys to bring his
    wife from her suicide hell.


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