TV Pilot, Limited Series

Young widow with children
self-publishes her journal:

  • True is stranger than fiction?
  • Unexplained Coincidences ?
  • A spirit remaining after death?
  • Murphy's law on all levels?

Janet's Home VIDEOS


Chapter 1:
Can a Wedding Predict a Funeral?

1987 - Wild West Wedding (street show)

In a public street show, saloon girl Janet joined the Tombstone Vigilantes to force cowboy Dave to marry her. His marriage vows, "...all the days of my little life," came true, 6 years later.

Chapter 4:
Can a Campsite be a Tribute?

1993 - FUNERAL (with a tent)

A psychiatrist advised Janet to create a natural setting for her children to say good-bye. Not seeing Dave's body until the funeral, day after Thanksgiving, she honored him with how he loved to sleep outdoors.

Janet's BOOK, True Story

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Journal writing
was Cathartic:

__After sudden death of her husband, grief was a series of questions, on 3 levels: financial, spiritual and emotional.

__During her first years of grief, Janet kept a cathartic journal and gained spiritual awareness.

__ Janet shares intimate details of her life, vulnerable, searching for a father for her children.

Janet attended...

Grief and Loss Resources



The Tendrils of Grief

Podcasts: Susan Ways interviews grief professionals who can help provide guidance and advice to those who have recently lost someone close to them.

Non-Fiction BOOKS:

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  • [ 1997 ] ... "Hello From Heaven"
    ... by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
    Research on "after death" communication confirms that love and life are eternal

  • [ 1993, 2002 ] ... "Embraced By the Light"
    ... by Betty J Eadie
    Her "near death" Experience

  • [ 1992 ] ... "The Grieving Child"
    ... by Helen Fitzgerald
    Parents Guide for youngsters to understand death

Coping with Changed Relationships
After the Death of Your Spouse

MOVIES that deal with loss:

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on line at Internet Movie Data Base.

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  • [ 1993 ] "Lion King"
    After the death of his father, a young lion deals with his grief to take rein of his life.

  • [ 1994 ] Corrina, Corrina"
    Young girl's hardship with her mother's death, brings a widower to fall for the caretaker.

  • [ 2000 ] "Return to Me"
    Widower falls in love with his wife's heart organ recipiant.

  • [ 2007 ] "P. S. I love you"
    Letters mailed to a young widow, before her husband's terminal illness, helps her move forward.

  • [ 1998 ] "What Dreams May Come"
    A husband (actor, Robin Williams) dies and journeys to bring his wife out of her suicide hell.

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