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Janet's True Stories:

Widowed Without Warning
Memoir: First years of Grief
Most Wanted Dad
Biography: Life-in-Crime
(( publish 2021 ))



The Tendrils of Grief

Susan Ways interviews Janet as they discuss
how grieving defines and alters relationships.

Audio recordings showcase grief professionals who can help provide guidance and advice to those who might feel so alone in their journey as well as shine a light on the stories of those who have recently lost someone close to them.

Janet's Podcast:

Nov 18, 2020 (link posted soon)

"Choosing Relationships with In-Laws"

Relationships and family support,
while surviving a loss, can change over time.

Janet's Article:

"Relating With In-Laws
After A Spouse's Death"

Article Outline: After the funeral...
is your relationship with your in-laws

SITUATION #1: family stays connected...
You work through the grief stages with support.
Self-care guide

SITUATION #2: In-laws push away...
Could you be a constant reminder of their loss?
How to Forgive People

SITUATION #3: widow pushes away...
Does their depression prevent you from moving on?
What is a toxic relationship?

SITUATION #4: relationship ends...
Did the connection fizzle as both did not work on keep interactions alive?
5 Tips for Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Website Link:
Coping with Changed Relationships
After the Death of Your Spouse


Janet's Book:

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Book Chapters


Janet's Journey:

*_ In 1993, her 13 book chapters represented her grief questions. While making life decisions defined by "Murphy's Law" on 3 levels: financial, spiritual and emotional.

*_ Janet was not prepared for this life changing event and left vulnerable after the loss, some took advantage of generosity.
* _ For three years, Janet refused to believe a benevolent spirit offered guidance.

*_ Janet shares intimate details of her life. She hopes her story will portray the need to be prepared for death and to encourage support for those "Widowed Without Warning."

Janet's Home Movie Clips:


Chapter 1:
Can a Wedding Predict a Funeral?

1987 - Wild West Wedding (street show)

In a public street show, saloon girl Janet joined the Tombstone Vigilantes to force cowboy Dave to exchange their marriage vows. In jest, Dave said, " little life..." His words came true, six years later.

Chapter 4:
Can a Campsite be a Tribute?

1993 - FUNERAL (with a tent)

A psychiatrist advised Janet to create a natural setting for her children to say good-bye. Not seeing Dave's body until the funeral, day after Thanksgiving, she honored him with how he loved to sleep outdoors.


Weathering the


Read this book to see how

  • understands there are no coincidences and allow "unexplained" assistance from a beloved spirit;
  • grief is a process with emotional triggers that brings uncontrollable tears.
  • accept support while feeling the loss: therapy, grief groups and a shaman's ceremony;
  • hiring experts for legal insurance proceeds and liability case;
  • dating to search for a father for her children was learning a single parent is enough;
  • realizing "emotionally bankrupt" men cannot fill the void in her heart.

Janet sewed this emoji mask to honor her husband.

His favorite saying was...
"Keep Smiling!"
Thanksgiving, 2020,
marks the 27th anniversary of Dave's death. Like a tradition, Janet succombs to her emotional triggers, recalling their 6-year marriage and wondering what could have been. Then, as she does every year, Janet will "let him go."


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Non-Fiction BOOKS:

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  • [ 1997 ] ... "Hello From Heaven"
    ... by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
    Research on "after death" communication confirms that love and life are eternal

  • [ 1993, 2002 ] ... "Embraced By the Light"
    ... by Betty J Eadie
    Her "near death" Experience

  • [ 1992 ] ... "The Grieving Child"
    ... by Helen Fitzgerald
    Parents Guide for youngsters to understand death

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MOVIES that deal with loss:

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Films available online or check "Red Box" for DVD rentals.
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on Internet Movie Data Base.

  • [ 1993 ] "Lion King"
    After the death of his father, a young lion deals with his grief to take rein of his life.

  • [ 1993 ] "The Piano"
    Young Widow's passion for music leads her to find love and a home for her child.

  • [ 1994 ] Corrina, Corrina"
    Young girl's hardship with her mother's death, brings a widower to fall for the caretaker.

  • [ 2000 ] "Return to Me"
    Widower falls in love with his wife's heart organ recipiant.

  • [ 2007 ] "P. S. I love you"
    Letters mailed to a young widow, before her husband's terminal illness, helps her move forward.

  • [ 1998 ] "What Dreams May Come"
    A husband (actor, Robin Williams) dies and journeys to bring his wife out of her suicide hell.

Janet's Favorite Grief Quote:

Grief never ends... It is the price of love. - Elizabeth I


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