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Middle School Math Class

Geometry: Transformations

Geometry: Transversals


Math Levels Kinder thru H.S.

Math is Fun

Multiplication Flashcards

Business, Money, and Math Games

Math and business activities for young entrepreneurs

Math and Business Resource for Kids

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Grade 6 Class


Enchanted Learning

Study Jams


NASA STEM for students

Water Cycle, Cloud Formations and Rainbows

Kinetic and Potential Energy Guide

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Computer Skills Class

Elementary Learning Games


Computer Skills: Mouse and Keyboarding Games

Learning to Type: A Resource Guide; Author: Chris Russell


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Jan. 2024 - email

Business, Money, and Math Games:
Learning While Having Fun

I wanted to express my gratitude... I instruct a math club for elementary students and we had a blast exploring your page.... missing from your material. This particular page provides math games, activities and worksheets... On behalf of Lacey, I'd like to ask if you could include it to the 'math practice' section of your page ... grow your material and make it accessible to students and a wider audience. :) My students really got a kick out of the page and thought others would too!...
Skye Olley [s.olley@fullerslibrary.com ]

Math jokes for kids

#1... Do you know what seems odd to me?
Numbers that aren’t divisible by two.
#2... What tool is best suited for math?
#3... Why wear glasses during math class?
It can improve di-vision.
Aug. 2019 - email

Math and business activities for young entrepreneurs

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thanks. I'm a youth mentor, and one of my mentees (Mark) was in summer school for math this summer......
Your page was a great help to him so we wanted to let you know how much he appreciated it. As a thank you, Mark suggested that I pass along another [link] guide that helped him a lot....
Amy Carr [amy.carr@brightcountymentors.org]
Feb. 2019 - email

Math and Business Resource for Kids

My son, Chase, has been falling a little behind in math. His teacher has assigned him some extra credit to get some practice and bring his grades up a bit. Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you for your helpful math references on your page. ... Chase wanted to share with you this math guide that he found on someone's math blog.... He'd also love if you could share it on your page....
Chase's Mom

Oct. 2021 - email

Water Cycle, Cloud Formations and Rainbows

My daughter Abby's weather project ... create a weather map and then read it in front of the class like a meteorologist.
Abby also wanted to pay it forward by passing along a helpful page she found in her research...
Thanks so much and all the best,
A. Cisneros
Dec. 2018 - email

Kinetic and Potential Energy Guide

Here is a link with resources ... Feel free to reach back out to me with any questions that you may have.... Clayton Hudson, Communications Manager
6860 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 228
Plano, TX 75024....
email: Clayton@admin.saveonenergy.com

April 2022 - email

My student, Ashley, and student volunteers assisting me to work on our 'Computer Skills' collections ... requested I reach out as a thank you and pass this along ...

Computer Skills:
Mouse and Keyboarding Games

Your page helped us a bunch...
Mr. Rizzo, Library Media Specialist in Maine
Jan . 2020 - email

...I would love to make a contribution that could help others struggling! ... Can you add this keyboarding reference guide to your list as well? ... Thought you might be interested. :)

Kids' Computer Basics: Keyboarding

STEM Resources

... I think my friends at my school's STEM club would be pretty impressed to see it up too.
We meet every Friday after school and I would love to show them!
Ms. J. Rosales
Oct. 2020 - email

Your Keyboarding page ... was perfect in helping me find typing / keyboarding practice sites! ... Thank you so much for your efforts in putting this page together... After Natalie started playing a few of the games / lessons, she started to get really excited about practicing and took it upon herself (with her Dad) to find a page with a bunch of cool typing practice games!

Learning to Type: A Resource Guide; Author: Chris Russell

It really is the little things that make such a big difference! .....
Be well, Susan.

Becoming a Teacher

"Change a moment to change your day.
Change a day and you change a life.
Change a life and you change the world."

- - - - - - - Ghandhi - - - - - - -

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How to organize
your classroom

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Teaching stragegies
on student participation


Janet has 25+ years classroom experience.


Toltec Elementary School Dist.
Tucson Unified School Dist.
Sunnyside Unified School Dist
Window Rock School Dist.


Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas and Arizona

Janet believes education is a gift you give yourself.

M.A. Univ. of Arizona (Tucson)
B.S. Slippery Rock Univ. (PA)


2018, Janet marched with Tucson teachers in the "Red 4 Ed" rally to raise awareness for needs of Arizona classrooms.


My 2001 Technology Classroom

[images source: Wikipedia.org]

Students typed HTML code to build web pages and searched the Internet for hyperlinks.

1989 invention: (HTML) and (URL) created by Tim Berners-Lee


Students snapped digital photos on a Sony Mavica
and uploaded their floppy disks onto the PC as images on their web pages.


Students were limited to a 3-minute movie project due to memory limitations on the computer.


Growing up
with technology

[image source: Commons Wikipedia.org]

My first cellphone !


My first copy machine,
wet "purple ink" sheets
run through a mimeograph.


Students' movie project,
transfered from a digital
camcorder to computer to VHS, anology tape. VHS cassette.


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